Are you thinking of writing to the Principle / Head of Arts and Humanities anyone else in King’s management to complain about their failure to support students and staff during the ongoing strike action? Do you have some suggestions on how King’s management should be doing better?

Copy in this address (in the BCC field, of course):


Your message will get copied and pasted onto this blog (with all your ID information taken out):


By collecting complaints, and proposing solutions, we want to publicly show how King’s management is letting down students and staff – from being unable to help us cope with mental health problems through to ignoring our emails when we ask about how the strikes will affect assessment and graduation. This is a way for us to speak collectively, with each individual complaint amplified by the others.

A few things you might want to complain about:

  • Why won’t King’s tell us what is going to happen with assessment and examinations, and mitigating circumstances for both, with any certainty?
  • Why do King’s management just deflect questions from students to departments, when department staff are asking management to provide guidance for students?
  • Why can’t King’s provide adequate access to mental health support (at the best of times, but especially during the strike)?
  • Why won’t King’s come out in support of our striking lecturers?
  • Why won’t King’s ensure our cleaners get decent sick pay, holiday, access to the materials they need to do their jobs, and pensions? Why do King’s insist on outsourcing to Servest if cleaners are ‘part of the King’s family’?
  • Why do King’s management refuse to respond in any meaningful way to any emails we’ve sent already – either ignoring our complaints completely or sending generic responses? Do we all need to go into occupation to get a real response?

“The organisation might appear to be warm and inclusive. Making a complaint often means coming to know just how much that inclusion is a fantasy.” – Sara Ahmed.


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